The Glow Collar - Light up LED Dog Collar

Sale price $8.95 Regular price $25.00

The Glow Collar - Dress your dog in this smart looking LED camouflage design collar that will keep you both safe when walking outside in the dark - be it night or early morning. 

The lights are used only in the dark and they switch on and off easily, preserving the battery and allowing the pet to keep the safety collar on at all times. No need to change the collar for daylight hours; just switch the lights off when not needed. 

Besides offering fashionable colors these collars also come in different sizes that are completely adjustable and have a width of one inch: 

  • Small     (13.7 inches to 16.7 inches) 
  • Medium   (15.7 inches to 18.9 inches) 
  • Large     (17.7 inches to 20.5 inches) 
  • Extra Large (19.7 inches to 22.3 inches)


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